Jackie Earle Haley nabs three new roles

It’s amazing what playing a reformed though still suspect paedophile and a sleazy, corrupt thug can do for your career. Take the example of Jackie Earle Haley, who, before he got the roles in Little Children and All The King’s Men, hadn’t worked much for years.

Now, having been nominated for a golden baldie for his performance in Little Children, his diary is full again. And he’s got plenty of variety to keep him entertained.

First up, he’ll play a fan who wins a basketball-slinging contest in Will Ferrell’s latest comedy Semi-Pro.

Then he’s off to a drama, bagging a part in Winged Creatures, which already features a heavyweight cast including Kate Beckinsale, Forest Whitaker, Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce. Don’t expect many laughs in that one – he’s playing an abusive husband and father.

Finally there’s indie drama Bolden, directed by Dan Pritzker. It’s a period piece that will star Anthony Mackie as real-life jazz star Buddy Bolden, and also focuses on a corrupt money-spinning practice that saw black men drugged and forced to fight each other before an all-white audience. Haley will be co-starring as an evil judge who oversees the fights.