Jackie Chan starts an Incident

He’s long said that he wants to move from comedy and chop socky roles he’s been known for to more character work, and now it looks like Jackie Chan is making it happen.

The working whirlwind is producing and nabbing the lead role in The Shinjuku Incident, which apparently focuses on the lives of Chinese immigrants in 1990s Japan. While there aren’t any more plot details yet, we do know that director Derek Yee Tung-sing is behind the camera and the movie will start shooting in Tokyo and China by the end of the year.

Oh, and according to Solon So, who is Chan’s production partner in his company JCE, the movie will boast a bigger budget than The Myth, which came with a $15 million price tag.

Chan plans to work on the Incident once he’s finished shooting The Forbidden Kingdom with Jet Li for director Rob Minkoff.

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