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Jack The Giant Slayer Cast Interviews

Jack The Giant Slayer takes a fairytale everyone knows (the one about the magic beanstalk) and gives it a cinematic makeover.

In keeping with the traditional tale, JTGS centres on a young farmhand, a handful of magic beans, a princess in need of rescuing, and some colossal beasties, but it's been fleshed out for a big-screen update.

We caught up with director Bryan Singer and his cast (Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci) to unravel the process of bringing such a well-loved story to the screen.

Watch our interview with Bryan Singer, in which he discusses his film inspirations for Jack and hints at what comic-book fans can expect from X-Men: Days Of Future Past :

To find out what it’s like acting alongside CGI titans, check out interview with the cast:

Jack The Giant Slayer opens in the UK on 22 March 2013.