J.K. Simmons talks Terminator: Genesis

We sat down with J.K. Simmons in Cannes to talk all things Whiplash , his brilliant new drumming drama that's taking the festival circuit by storm.

And while we were there, we couldn't resist the opportunity to ask him about his next big upcoming project, Terminator: Genesis .

"I can tease very little but the character I play is a small role that I'm told becomes larger in the sequels, which are planned of course," he teased.

Like many fans, it was a project he was a little wary of at first, but thankfully the talent and script were enough to convince him otherwise.

"When it was initially sent to me I was interested but a little sceptical about the project itself. And I read the script and it's a wonderful script - it's really smart and it has comedy, and obviously brilliant action and the sci-fi aspect of it, which is not a genre I've really been involved in before.

But it's good storytelling and a fun little part. There's Arnold, and Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke and Jai Courtney who play the characters who have existed in the world before. Then the character I play is a new character to this universe.

I went out to New Orleans a few weeks ago for pre-production, and I had a table read and it was very affirming that these actors and this script were really smart and fun and good."

When prompted on whether his secret role will be a brand new model of Terminator he was equally as tight-lipped: "I will not answer that question," he said chuckling.