It's the GDI from Command & Conquer 3

In order to get every gamer up to speed with the story behind its new real-time strategy game, Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, EA has released an overview of each of the three factions that will appear in the game, starting with the Global Defense Initiative.

Tiberium Wars is set in 2047 where the alien mineral tiberium is slowly consuming the planet and three factions are scrapping for the areas that can still produce food and resources. One of these factions is the GDI, who started as a secret military alliance of the world's G8 nations.

By the time of C&C3, the GDI is no longer an alliance, but a unified political and military state that's locked in a conflict with the terrorist organization, Brotherhood of Nod. The GDI control the 20% of the Earth that hasn't been significantly affected by the tiberium and these civilization friendly areas are called blue zones.

To keep these areas Brotherhood free, GDI has built up a technologically advanced military force that can operate on all types of terrain. The vehicles used include the Predator battle tank, Mammoth heavy tank, Guardian APC and Juggernaut mobile artillery unit. Infantry is made up of fast-moving, lightly armored combat soldiers. The GDI can also attack from the air with Firehawk fast attack jets.

Gamers playing the GDI will have to become familiar with all these units' abilities in order to keep Nodat bay and attempt to halt the spread of tiberium.