We've got one! It's PlayStation VR unboxing time

Someone call Brad Pitt, we've found out what's in the box - it's a PlayStation VR headset. Or rather, it's another box, containing more boxes, one of which eventually contains a PS VR headset. Probably. Either that or it's just turtles all the way down. Why not watch and find out for yourself? 

I'm not usually a fan of unboxing videos myself, but I honestly think this one is going to be useful to some of you who may be on the fence about VR technology. As you can see from the multitude of boxes and cables we pull out, this is not a simple one-plug-and-done device. You're going to need power outlets, space, and a clear line to your PS4 for this to work. Thankfully, once it's all out of the box and assembled, you'll be quite the stylish VR trooper.

If you want a detailed breakdown in words, here's what you'll find in the PlayStation VR box. There's a demo disc in there too but depending on whether you're in the US or the UK, you'll get different contents. Here's what's on the UK and US PlayStation VR demo discs. Bear in mind that all is not lost if you're in the UK. Remember that internet thing? It means you can download as many demos as you like from the PlayStation Store. 

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