Is True Bloods Bill The New Doctor Doom?

Stephen Moyer in the running for Fantastic Four reboot, reckons Comic Book Movies

True Blood ’s Vampire Bill, Stephen Moyer, could be in the running to play Doctor Doom in Fox’s big screen reboot of The Fantastic Four , according to Comic Book Movies .

The site's scooper also reckons that we'll see more of Doom as ruler of Latveria and as a master of the dark arts in this version.

Other (unsubstantiated) snippets in the report include:

• Fox is veering towards Adrien Brody as Mr Fantastic (Reed Richards); Alice Eve is now the front runner for the Invisible Girl (Sue Richards); and Kevin Pennington is favourite for Johnny Storm/The Human Torch (the Thing – as has already been announced – will be an all-CG creation, though presumably he'll still need a voice)

• Fox is hoping for a summer 2012 release date.

• The “origin” story will only be referenced during the credits sequence

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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