Always check behind waterfalls for secrets in video games, or just follow this new Twitter account that does it for you

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There's a new Twitter account dedicated to looking behind waterfalls in video games and letting you know if there's anything there. It's a valuable service to anyone who's spotted a waterfall way off in the distance, sidelined their mission to find and check behind it, only to discover that it's actually just an honest waterfall.

The account is less than a day old, but already it's looked behind waterfalls to find a treasure chest in The Witcher 3, a secret passage in Earthbound, a skull in Halo: Combat Evolved, and a shrine in Breath of the Wild.

'Is Something Behind the Waterfall?' comes from the creator of the acclaimed 'Can You Pet the Dog?' Twitter account that, as you might expect, tells you whether or not you can pet various dogs in video games. For instance, you cannot pet the dog in Final Fantasy 7, but you can kick soccer balls at it, which is just a terrible thing to do. Like the waterfall account, it's a great tool for avoiding disappointment in video games.

Both accounts are more than worth your follow in support of do-gooders. Occasionally, 'Can You Pet the Dog?' spotlights lesser-known games with pleasing dog-petting physics, like World of Horror, which lets you "boop" an adorable Shiba Inu by clicking on its nose.

Though it's a very young account, 'Is Something Behind the Waterfall?' has already attracted more than 12,000 followers, a testament to its usefulness. At last, you can ignore the allure of waterfalls everywhere knowing this virtuous Twitter account has your back.

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