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Iron Man

Stark might just be a rich bloke in a metal suit but even in the game’s explosion-filled hostile airspace, Iron Man looked far from vulnerable. You can switch on the afterburners and blaze across the sky, hover to fire his gauntlet-mounted Repulsors against ground targets, wrestle helicopters and unleash his chest based Unibeam. Stark’s armour will be upgradable as you progress with a power management system letting you unleash a variety of attacks.

While what we’ve seen so far suggests it probably doesn’t have the variety to trouble the Spider-Man games, it should pulverise the inferior likes of Superman Returns. Visually it looked as shiny and polished as the Mk 3 suit itself, even when throwing the arsenal of an entire air force at our hero. The cool thing is, being Iron Man, he was able to catch the missiles and throw them back!

Apr 7, 2008