Loki faces Celestial judgment just like everyone else in AXE: Iron Fist #1

AXE: Iron Fist #1 art
AXE: Iron Fist #1 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Lin Lie, AKA the former Swordmaster and the current Iron Fist who wields a power all his own, is about to undergo "a trial unlike any other" as part of AXE: Judgement Day, in which characters across the Marvel Universe face cosmic judgment at the hands of the Celestials. 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In the one-shot AXE: Iron Fist #1 from writer Alyssa Wong and artist Michael YG, the creative team behind the current Iron Fist limited series that put Lin Lie in the role, the new Iron Fist must find a way into the mystical city of K'un-Lun to facedown none other than Shou-Lao the Undying - the dragon whose mystical heart has empowered generations of Iron Fists.

Does this mean Lin Lie is about to claim the heart of Shou-Lao and the traditional power of the Iron Fist for himself?

We're not sure, but we do know that Loki is a part of the story - and though Marvel isn't revealing exactly how, we're betting that Lin Lie will turn to the god of mischief's help in entering the supposedly impenetrable magical city.

But before that in this preview of AXE: Iron Fist #1, Loki explains to Lin Lie that the Progenitor - the new Celestial at the heart of the AXE: Judgment Day crossover event - is in the process of judging "humanity." What he doesn't realize and learns from the Progenitor himself is that all living beings on Earth, including mutants, Eternals, and gods (like Loki) will be judged too. 

Color the God of Lies (or Stories, as he prefers) surprised. 

Check out the preview below: 

AXE: Iron Fist #1 goes on sale October 12, with covers from Philip Tan.

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