iPhone to become filled with Rage later this year

Fans waiting for niche developer id Software's next big title can get their thumbs into the action when a special version of Rage comes out for the iPhone later this year. Another, fuller version of the game will also launch on the iPhone alongside the console and PC releases next year.

The announcement came at QuakeCon, or as people who don't understand the appeal of Quake put it - that thing where a bunch of PC nerds get together.

Above: Rage on the iPhone has a lofty goal of becoming one of the best-looking iPhone games to date

Id cofounder John Carmack promised blazing game speeds of 60 frames per second on the iPhone 4 and said it would look better than any PS2 or Xbox game you've ever played. This statement would be ludicrous if anyone other than Carmack was doing the talking, but we%26rsquo;ve seen Rage running on 360 and it%26rsquo;s stunning, so we believe him. Both games will also be compatible with the iPhone 3GS.

Specific dates for the two Rage apps were not announced, and id has only given a vague launch window of 2011 for the console release. Those who can't wait until next year, though, definitely will be able to get at least some Rage goodness on their iPhone before the end of 2010.

Above: Another released screenshot of Rage on the iPhone. Apparently id wanted to show off its ability to%26hellip; draw doors

In other words, expect the upcoming Rage apps to be yet another excuse for your hipster friends to pull out their iPhones and say, "Hey dude, check this out. I'm so awesome 'cuz I have an iPhone."
Incidentally, Carmack did also reportedly say that his company was preliminarily looking at porting some of its iPhone titles to Android, which hasn%26rsquo;t been a huge gaming hotbed so far but which is still growing rapidly.

Source: Destructoid

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