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iPhone game of the day: Street Fighter IV

Game: Street Fighter IV
Price: £5.99/$9.99
Size: 201MB
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Quite how Capcom thought it could convert the magnificence of Street Fighter IV onto iPhone is beyond us. But they've only gone and done it. It's cut down, certainly, with only 8 characters (but with the promise of more as updates), 2D characters, static backgrounds and a reduced number of face buttons. But that's completely outweighed by the good.

In terms of gameplay, this is exactly like the big version. Focus attacks, EX attacks and Super Combos are all in - there are even some cutaway video clips of Ultras dropped into the action, making this look incredibly close to the game we know and love. It's Street Fighter IV in your pocket - what's not to love?

Above: The presentation style is identical and looks super deluxe

Above: Super combos feel great when they hit home. Go Blanka!

Above: Ol' stretchy limbs is back, teleporting at will and spitting fire. Yoga!

Above: Shinryuken! Chun Li's burntby Ken's devastating trademark move

17 May, 2010

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