iPhone Game of the Day: Plants vs. Zombies

Game: Plants vs. Zombies
Price: £1.79/$2.99
Size: 34.7MB
On sale: Now

If you're reading this, then youeither a) have an iPhone b) are thinking about getting an iPhone or c) none of the above. Regardless of all of this, Plants vs. Zombies is ace.

The concept may be strange -a set of incredibly resourceful plants go upagainst an invading army of zombies - but in terms of tower defence games this is easily the most enjoyablesincePixelJunk Monsters.

Playing across gardens, swimming pools and rooftops ensures that thezombie decapitating actions stays fresh throughout.But how can you not love a game that looks like this...

Honestly, it's super-addictive and just keeps giving you new stuff to off zombies with all the time. Flaming peas, corn that lobs butter and giant walnuts that stop pole-vaulting zombies from getting at your precious plants are all included.

Above: The night timeaction forces you to rethink your strategies

So what are you waiting for? Get downloading the best iPhone game around for less money than you've buy a pint for. Well unless you're drinking atsome grotty watering hole, in which case, shame on you.

Buy Plants vs. Zombies now at iTunes

Nathan Irvine
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