iPhone game of the day: GTA: Chinatown Wars

Game: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (rated 17+)
Price: £5.99/$9.99
Size: 232MB
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Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was always meant to have touchscreen controls, starting out as a DS exclusive title. The later PSP version gave it better graphics but lost the game's most unique features.iPhone not only gives you the best of both worlds - it then gives it all to you for the lowest price out of the three. Epicwin.

There's nothing compromised here. The streets are full of cars, there's been an update that added even more in-game music... heck, you can listen to your own music here. The touch-screen d-pad may not be the greatest interface in the world, but everything else here is world class. Brilliantly funny scripting, varied and explosive missions, a huge top-down 3D environment... it's a proper GTA game. Rockstar could probably have given us a cut-down version for iPhone and we'd have bought it. Luckily they gave us the real deal - and it's magnificent.

Above: The day/night cycle is seamless and looks great on iPhone

Above: Tanks! Explosions! And about two thirds of GTA IV's game world

Above: The cut scenes use static images, but you won't want to skip them

18 May, 2010

Justin Towell

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