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iPhone and iPad get real purdy Dead Space game… plus Isaac Clarke with a big-ass chainsaw

Do you yearn to have something cold, dead and stabby in your jeans? Then you%26rsquo;ll be pleased to know that EA has just released the first in-game footage of Dead Space for iPhone and iPad. And it looks beautiful. Well, as beautiful as anything revolving around decapitations and eviscerations can%26hellip;

Pretty sexy, eh? We%26rsquo;re liking Mr. Clarke%26rsquo;s shiny new chainsaw of doom. It%26rsquo;ll be interesting how the developer tackles movement, though. Will you control Isaac with an onscreen thumbstick? Or will they go the Dead Space: Extraction route and mix on-rails movement with touchscreen shooting?

Above: Dead Space on the iPad. There's nothing like the feel of severing limbs in your hand

The game takes place between the first game and upcoming sequel and promises to bridge the gap in terms of story. Frankly, you had us at %26ldquo;cold, dead and stabby%26rdquo;.


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