Invasion 1.21 Round Up review

The One Where: The second invasion begins

AIR-DATE: 10/05/06

Written by:
Shaun Cassidy

Steve Shill

Nathan Baesel, James Frain, Julio Oscar Mechoso, Tammy Trull (yes, really)

Rating: 3/5

The hurricane is moving closer to Homestead and Larkin, Mariel and the kiddies are driving to safety. But when their car breaks down they’re taken to what looks like a refugee internment camp. There they are split up, and it’s quite clear they’re imprisoned by the National Guard, who obviously aren’t working for the normal people, know what I mean?

Meanwhile, Dave is being interrogated by the police about where Tom is. Eventually, Tom and Russell find the camp while Mariel is being shown a roomful of pregnant women by Szura (whatever turns you on). Finally, the Guard captures Russell and then he notices a shower of lights – well, as does everybody – as the next stage of the alien invasion begins…

Did they know, I wonder, at this point that their show was unlikely to be coming back? If they did, full marks to them for giving it their all, despite the fact that none of this will ever get resolved. There’s a dramatic sense of things coming to a climax, at least, so it might well end on a high. All the characters are being split up and the early parochialism of the show has definitely gone for a burton. But with that its uniqueness has gone too, and I’m certainly missing the Everglades locale. Still, the cliffhanger was good.

Szura: “What is inside them is us. The future.” (Not quite as prophetic as he meant it to be. It ends next week. Ha ha ha.)

Steve O'Brien

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