Invasion 1.19 The Son Also Rises review

The One Where: Sirk gets beaten up

AIR-DATE: 26/04/06

Written by:
Michael Alaimo and Shaun Cassidy

Lawrence Trilling

Nathan Baesel, James Frain, Cody Benjamin Lee, Tina Holmes, Jay Malack

Rating: 3/5

Russell’s trying to find out what Szura’s up to, but he realises that not many people are on his side when he’s told he’s suspended from work (his boss, it turns out, is a bit of a friend of Szura’s). Meanwhile, at school, there seem to be growing tensions between the normal kids and the hybrids, so much so that Jesse decides to meet up with some fellow normals to decide what to do. When he turns up, it appears they’ve beaten Sirk to a pulp.

Tom takes Russell into town and they see many of the hybrid residents collecting emergency supplies. He says the evil Szura has disappeared and thinks that an invasion is being planned under cover of a soon-to-happen hurricane (what?! Another one?!). Tom tells Russell he doesn’t want that, and instead wants everyone to co-exist.

Are Tom and Russell finally teaming up? Hardly matters now given there’s only three more episodes to go. Good to see Jesse getting some meaty action stuff to do in this episode, bless the little tyke. Pity we couldn’t have got to see Sirk getting a beating. He’s become such a sympathetic character recently, it was worth showing the scrap just for how shocking it would have been. Still, the sight of a one-armed man lying there beaten to a bloody pulp is still a pretty arresting image.

Tom: “We’re all capable of going to our darkest place, but most of us leave a light on.”

Steve O'Brien

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