Invasion 1.17 The Key review

The One Where: Szura properly turns up.

AIR-DATE: 15/03/06

Written by:
Michael Alaimo and Michael Foley

Bryan Spicer

James Frain, Michael Mitchell, Tina Holmes, Edwin Hodge and Owen Beckman

Rating: 3/5

Christina, on the run, visits Mariel at the hospital and asks for her help in trying to understand what's inside her (is it a baby? Is it... eek! Something else?). Mariel does an ultrasound scan on her: the monitor shows that Christina is not gestating a baby, but... God knows what.

Russell confronts Tom about knowing Szura: Russell's naturally angry with Szura for killing his deputy. Russell finds out, after they visit the missing FBI man Healy's boat, that he was looking for an island. Russell scans satellite pictures to look for an anomaly on any of the islands. It's not long before he finds what he's looking for.

Tom finds Christina at the hospital and apprehends her. Szura takes her off him and takes her back to the island, but by then Russell and Dave have arrived and they see Szura kill Christina and Derek.

Good to see Szura properly at last, played by Leeds-born actor James Frain. The ending is quite shocking, especially because Invasion is usually so coy about violence, and the final shot, showing what could the birth of Christina's... whatever it is, is a genuinely exciting cliffhanger. Something Invasion has too few of generally. And I'm really not sad to see the end of those two kids, and neither should you be.

Christina: "I thought you of all people would understand! I'm a pregnant woman!" Mariel: "Oh, shut up!"

Steve O'Brien

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