Interstellar teaser poster lands

The teaser poster for Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has landed, and, in typical Christopher Nolan fashion, it's a fairly mysterious affair.

But incredibly cool looking, obviously. And very Spiebergian, somehow.

The film stars Matthew McConaughey as Cooper, an astronaut tasked with saving the world via the medium of wormhole space travel.

Or at least, that's what we think it's about. As ever, Mr Nolan is playing his cards close to his chest, and details on the project are scarce.

But with reports of a new trailer coming soon (hopefully attached to Godzilla ) we'll know a bit more about the film we're most excited about seeing, very soon.

Until then, enjoy the poster. And let us know what you think in the comments!

[ Click on the poster to see it in hi-res ]

Interstellar beams into UK cinemas 7 November, 2014.