"Interact with my fist!" screams Transformers

Earlierpromises of a fully destructive environment in Transformers: The Game have been confirmed with newscreenshots demonstrating a metal mash-up of grand proportions. In the latest pics, the increasingly impressive Bumblebee is opening a can of whup ass with a lampost and a passing pick-up truck, as well as grandad's favorite, missiles, destroying a few buildings in the process and sending the plebs fleeing in all directions.

Above: Bumblebee gets angry as a motorist mistakes him for a wasp for the millionth time

That said, the tagline challenges us to protect or destroy, and right now we have a whole lot of one and not a lot of the other. Though the Transformers themselves are impressive, causing us to drool over the idea of trillion ton mechs scrapping it out (literally, in fact),the world they're stomping around appears lackluster and undetailed, all bland square buildings and a graying color palette.We mean come on, that pick-up has square corners. It's a waiting game to see if there's any depth in disguise or if it's going to be a metallic Rampage Total Destruction.

April 11, 2007