Inside the mind of Silent Hill

Harry Mason, whilst driving to Silent Hill with his adopted daughter Cheryl, sees an apparition of a little girl in the middle of the road, crashes his car and is knocked unconscious. When he wakes up Cheryl is gone and the town is consumed by mist and swarming with monsters. Later, it’s revealed that Cheryl is actually host to an evil deity, resurrected by a cult led by the girl’s birth mother. When they revived the god, Samael, the once-peaceful tourist haven of Silent Hill became a ghost town haunted by the malevolent spirit of Cheryl - or Alessa, as she was named by her mother.

What it all means
Harry’s motivation is to find his missing daughter, but as the game goes on, survival becomes his first aim. When the siren blares and the town slips into “The Otherside,” Harry finds himself in a disturbing world born of Alessa’s childhood trauma; namely, being used as the host for a demonic god by her insane cult leader mother. The monsters are manifestations of her childhood fears and the locations all hold a dark significance to her, including the school where she was bullied.

The endings
Bad - Harry lies dead in his Jeep. It was just a dream.
Bad+ - Cheryl thanks Harry then disappears. He remains trapped in The Otherside.
Good - Alessa gives Harry a new baby and then creates a portal for him to escape through.
Good+ - Harry and Cybil go back in time and start a new life together.