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Infinity Ward staff unofficially removed from Modern Warfare 2 credits

Confused about the upheaval between Infinity Ward and Activision? Wondering who’ll jump ship for the fresh-as-a-daisy Respawn Entertainment created by former Call of Duty helmers? Well, PC Gamer UK has compiled all the news, departures, and firings into a video we can all digest a little easier: The Modern Warfare 2 credits with all IW’s recent departures stricken from the record:

Above: More than we realized...

It should help you wrap your head around things, since it perfectly showcases exactly who left, and precisely what they did for the mega-popular Modern Warfare franchise. And these are just the folks who've moved onin the lastmonth... WARNING: Although the vid seems like a fun little take on the news, it actually makes the current oustings and legal turmoil look a helluva lot more dire and depressing.

Apr 15, 2010