Infamous Destiny 2 Exotic shotgun disabled after buff leaves it unintentionally powerful – again

Destiny 2
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One of Destiny 2's more powerful Exotic shotguns, the Lord of Wolves, has been temporarily disabled after a recent buff left it more lethal than Bungie had intended. 

As per Destiny 2's latest patch notes, the hybrid shotgun / burst-fire weapon's Release the Wolves perk was buffed to grant an additional 40% damage in PvE, among other things. The problem was, though, that the buff seemed to apply to everything once the gun was equipped – including a player's super, for example. 

That's not supposed to happen, naturally, so Bungie has disabled the weapon for now. 

"The Lord of Wolves Exotic shotgun has been disabled due to an issue where it can apply more damage than intended," the developer tweets. "We are targeting next week's update to release the fix. More information will be provided when available."

While the fun only lasted for a few hours, plenty of clips online show off just how busted The Lord of Wolves was with the bug in full flow. Here are a few choice highlights.

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Naturally, a few comparisons to the infamous Telesto – a fusion rifle that has also broken the game numerous times  – have been made.

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While the Lord of Wolves hasn't quite broken Destiny 2 as much as the Telesto, it's certainly enjoyed a few reigns of terror now. One infamous example that comes to mind was an Iron Banner event that led Bungie to hand out free emblems to players to mark it as a special occasion. 

Speaking of, here's the story of how an easter egg dedicated to Destiny 2's most broken gun added another bug to Telesto's hall of shame.

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