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Indies can self-publish without fees on Xbox One

Developers can register with Microsoft to receive free development kits and self-publish games on the same storefront as any other title. Microsoft revealed its new comprehensive service called Independent Developers @ Xbox today in advance of its Gamescom presentation.

Anyone registered with ID@Xbox can use all of Xbox One's features, from cloud services, Kinect, achievements, challenges and Xbox Live multiplayer to automatic Game DVR video recording and uploading. The self-publishing program also eschews certification and title update fees.

It was designed with feedback from more than 50 developers, among them SpyParty creator Chris Hecker and The Behemoth's John Baez. Developers "who have a proven track record of shipping games on console, PC, mobile, or tablet" will be prioritized for registration, though anyone is welcome to apply for free at (opens in new tab).

Down the line, Microsoft plans to let any Xbox One console serve as a development kit, further opening the market to small studios and hobbyist creators.

"The independent development scene has matured and changed a ton in the past couple of years, so we are acting on that to meet the needs of the development community," ID@Xbox director Chris Charla said in a statement. "We’re really proud to offer this new path onto Xbox One and we’re excited to see what independent developers will build.”

Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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