Indie title Unto the End finally gets its release date

Unto the End
(Image credit: 2 Ton Studios)

After much anticipation, the indie title Unto the End finally has a release date. The game, developed by 2 Ton Studios and published by Big Sugar, will be released on December 9, 2020, according to a press release from the studio. 

Unto the End is a combat adventure game created in the style of a cinematic platformer revolving around a man braving harsh elements and even harsher enemies to make his way home to his family. The game boasts a simplistic but elegant art style, with a main character who makes his way through snow, mountains, and more on the way to complete his journey home. Players can also expect game mechanics that will require them to strategically trade and use items.  

In Unto the End, combat isn't just jumping into action and hitting whatever comes your way. According to 2 Ton Studios, the adventure will revolve around "carefully crafted encounters" where your every move makes a difference in the outcome. The game will have a unique single-player experience that revolves around mastering skills, observing your surroundings, and understanding your unique opponents. All in all, Unto the End is a game that seems to require a sort of delicate touch to be played properly. 

2 Ton Studios described the title as "an adventure told through your actions," where every button you press has an impact on the experience you get from the gameplay. Up until recently, the game only had a release date with a vague date sometime in 2020, but players can now look forward to a hard date to begin playing the game. Unto the End will be available on PC, Stadia, PS4, and as a day one Game Pass title on Xbox One. 

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