In The Valley Of Gods is the next game from the Firewatch devs, and it looks just as amazing

Campo Santo, the development studio behind indie darling Firewatch, helped kick off The Game Awards 2017 by having its next project be the first world exclusive reveal during the show. In The Valley Of Gods looks like it will continue the developer's focus on creating stunning visuals and telling personal stories. Check it out:

Interestingly, there is a real place called Valley of the Gods, but this game doesn't seem to take place there. The real Valley is in Utah, which this... doesn't seem to be. Judging by the massive sand dunes, crumbling ruins, and statues, it looks like this will take place in... Egypt? Babylonia? Somewhere old, in any case.

As for our main characters, there's very little we can say for sure about them. They appear to be explorers, and the use of black and white would suggest this game doesn't take place in modern times. It appears that both characters are women, and it's easy to notice the wedding ring on the playable character's hand. They both seem pretty determined to bring that camera with them as well, so I'd wager documenting the adventure will be a major part of the story.

(SPOILERS for Firewatch)

Of course, Firewatch seemed to be a game about uncovering a massive conspiracy, but was actually a game about seeking out adventure when your situation is actually quite mundane, and running from (or not running from) real life problems. So don't assume anything just yet.

In The Valley Of Gods won't be out until 2019, but expect to hear a lot more between now and then. Heck, Campo Santo still has to tell us what platforms the game is coming to!

Sam Prell

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