In the midst of ongoing debate, let's all take a minute to appreciate Forspoken actor Ella Balinska's reaction to the game's first trailer

Forspoken preview
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Forspoken actor Ella Balinska has shared a photo of their reaction to the game's first trailer and it's so wholesome.

Ella Balinska, the actor responsible for bringing Forspoken's Frey to life, has shared a series of posts on their Instagram story in honor of the game's release day (January 24). The first post is a video of the actor/DJ sharing their excitement for Forspoken's launch day and showing fans the bits they got from presumably Square Enix or developer Luminos Productions, including a PS5 and a copy of the game, 

After this, Balinska shared a throwback photo from 2021 which shows the actor tearing up along with the caption: "Here's a picture of me after I saw the first ever Forspoken trailer." The post continues: "Thank you all for your support – and to the gaming community, my heart is truly yours. Lots of love, lil 8-year-old gamer girl Ella." 

There's been a lot of discussion lately about whether Forspoken is a 'good' game or not, mostly due to its sometimes questionable dialogue. It seems fans are warming up to Frey and Balinska though, as after the Instagram story was shared to Twitter, several fans replied to the tweet sharing their love for the actor's performance, as well as their other roles, which is really nice to see. 

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In our Forspoken review, we described the game as "an exceptionally middling experience" and gave it a 2.5 out of 5 rating. Although we praised the game for its parkour ability, accessibility options, and impactful Forspoken Magic spells, we also found fault in its uncompelling story, inconsistent pacing, and some of its cutscenes which had rough animations.

Wondering "how long is Forspoken"?. We've got a guide for that. If you're curious about what else we have to look forward to this year, take a look at our upcoming PS5 games list. 

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