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In Secret review

Elizabeth Olsen wants to have a word...

The plot of Émile Zola’s Thérèse Raquin – two lovers joining forces to off an inconvenient partner – has supplied the template for any number of noirs, not least The Postman Always Rings Twice .

There’s logic, then, to casting Jessica Lange as the suspicious mother-in-law powerless to stop bored beauty Thérèse (Elizabeth Olsen) scheme with her fancy man (Oscar Isaac) to send sickly wimp Camille (Tom Felton) to a watery grave.

Director Charlie Stratton makes a decent fist of the ensuing intrigue, while Budapest fills in for 1860s Paris. Sadly, the result is more glum than gripping.

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Neil Smith

Neil Smith is a freelance film critic who has written for several publications, including Total Film. His bylines can be found at the BBC, Film 4 Independent, Uncut Magazine, SFX Magazine, Heat Magazine, Popcorn, and more.