Immortal Hulk artist says series to end with #50

(Image credit: Joe Bennett (Marvel Comics))

Marvel's breakout series Immortal Hulk will be ending with #50, according to the title's artist Joe Bennett.

After years of Marvel and series writer Al Ewing keeping a close lid on when and how the series would end, Bennett responded "it finishes at #50" to a fan on Instagram who asked about an ending. 

Newsarama has reached out to Marvel and Ewing for more information.

(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

Back in January, Ewing told Newsarama that the finale of the series had been "roughly plotted out" but that it wouldn't be coming soon.

"More recently, we've got the remaining arcs and trades of the book roughly plotted out - we're still missing a few details here and there, some of them major, but we know roughly what each trade looks like and we know how the book's going to end," Ewing told Newsarama's Justin Patridge. "So with individual issues, we're doing what works and feels right, but in the long run we have a definite plan."

Although Ewing and Bennett have worked in comics before Immortal Hulk, their work together on the title has propelled them to a new level of popularity - and shown a new, darker side to the Jade Giant.

"I imagine it'll have the legacy it has - I can't really control that aspect of things, so I'm not thinking too hard about it," Ewing said in January. "One thing I do hope remains is Bruce Banner as an explicit system of alters. Dissociative Identity Disorder is often represented poorly in popular culture - I don't know how good a job we've done with it, but I do feel like Bruce is acting more like a system than he was previously."

(Image credit: Alex Ross (Marvel Comics))

"Each of the Hulks has their role and reason for being, and the ones that are fully present all have their job to do, and I think if there is a direction for the future leading out of this book, it's pointing that way," the writer continued. "I really would hate to see the dynamic revert to a simplistic Bruce vs. Hulk scenario. It's more complex than that."

Immortal Hulk #34 is scheduled to arrive June 24, with the series continuing monthly (at least through August). Assuming it sticks to a monthly schedule with no variation, Immortal Hulk #50 is projected to arrive October 2021.

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