IGN: officially out of ideas?

In an amusing turn of events, the mighty IGN.com apparently paid homage to GamesRadar by seemingly using one of our month old ideas.

IGN's top 10 weekly countdown of the "exceptional, fascinating and absurd" was indeed exceptionally similar to GamesRadar's own Top 7 - Series Run into the Ground posted back on January 23rd. It suggested a fascinating insight into IGN's idea generation process and was, to the GR edit team at least, certainly absurd.

The evidence:

* GamesRadar postsTop 7 - Series Run into the Groundon Jan 23, 2007.

* IGN postsTop 10 Tuesday: Jumped the Shark: The game franchises that have gone on too long and need to just give it up on Feb 20, 2007.

Above: Even Megaman smells the plagiarism...

February 22, 2007