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If you thought Bloodborne looked good before, see it rebuilt in Unreal Engine 4

I spent a lot of time in the Hunter's Dream when I was playing Bloodborne, mostly because I was afraid to leave. With that qualification established, I can confidently say that this detailed Unreal Engine 4 recreation of the "safe" zone looks like an even better place to panic about upcoming boss battles.

The model was made from the ground up by by EA DICE environment artist Simon Barle in his spare time. He told 80 level that he undertook the project to "fully learn Substance Painter", a piece of 3D painting software, and also to make some stupendous fanart. He even got the "everything is slightly wet from fog or maybe viscera" look right.

The fact that Barle did this while making other video games in his day job is what really gets me. Wish I'd had him around back when I had to bang out dioramas for English class the night before they were due.

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Connor Sheridan
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