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If you ordered your PS5 directly from Sony, you get a gift code for free avatars

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Players who purchased the PS5 directly from Sony received a  gift code for free avatars in their order. 

The PS5 officially launched yesterday on November 12, and social media has been flooded with pictures of people receiving their next-gen console. Those who pre-ordered the machine directly from Sony also received a pleasant little surprise in the form of a "thank you" card with a gift code, which gives you free avatars when you redeem it on the PlayStation store.  

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"Congratulations on your PlayStation 5. The big day is finally here," the back of the card reads. "Thank you for your support. We really hope you enjoy your journey. As a small token of our appreciation, please visit to redeem a special gift. Welcome to the next generation of gaming."

The code is said to give you eight "unique avatars", but there does appear to be a few reports of players who are unable to redeem it. Since the console arrived, many players have taken to Reddit and Twitter to say that the code they received doesn't appear to be working. 

User Felder71 says when they tried to redeem it, "PSN said it was inactive." While they chalk it up to potentially being a result of not having set up the PS5 yet, several others in the replies claim they're experiencing the same problem. Some also say that they get an error message stating the code has already been redeemed. It could very well be that the code hasn't been activated yet in some regions since the console has just launched. Hopefully, players will still be able to get their free goodies in due course. 

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