If you can't get a new Xbox, at least you can wear one with this new set of shirts

Xbox Chinatown Market clothes
(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox and Chinatown Market have teamed up for a new line of officially branded apparel.

The line riffs on Xbox iconography in a new set of three designs, and they're all available right now on Foot Locker in the US and in the UK. My favorite look out of all of them is the smiley face hoodie with Xbox eyeballs. It has a Nirvana vibe with the X's over the eyes, and the black-and-yellow color scheme makes the reference all but explicit.

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Then there's a design of a bear aggressively playing some Xbox very close to their television. I'm not really sure why there's a bear on the shirt, unless there's a reference I'm missing? Everybody likes bears, I guess.

The third design repurposes the A,B,X,Y Xbox buttons with a message proclaiming "This is my alphabet" above them. You could also get this shirt for a Nintendo fan, as long as they don't notice the letters are in the wrong order and unusually colorful. I won't tell.

The smile and bear designs are both available in either T-shirts for $40 or £29.99, or hoodies for $90 or £69.99. The button alphabet design is a T-shirt only for $40 or £29.99.

While you can pick up these clothes now, you may need to wait longer if you haven't already secured an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S; Microsoft has confirmed that it expects shortages for its next-gen consoles to continue until at least April.

We're always keeping an eye out for the best Xbox Series X price.

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