If Pokemon Go players can catch 3 *billion* 'mon in a week, Niantic will unlock Farfetch'd

When Pokemon Go first launched, some players were dismayed to find out that several Pokemon were exclusive to real-world regions, meaning anyone who couldn't afford international travel had barely any hope of catching 'em all. Well, that frustration will be at least partially lifted if players succeed at the game's new Global Catch Challenge, as Niantic is offering Farfetch'd spawns as the ultimate prize.

Log on to Pokemon Go between now and November 26 to participate in the Challenge. Once players around the world have collectively imprisoned 500 million magic animals, everyone gets double XP and increased spawn rates. At 1.5 billion 'mon caught, everyone will also get double the usual amount of Stardust. But the biggest prize comes at 3 billion; should players amass this many pokemon, Farfetch'd will spawn worldwide. The Asia region, which is what Farfetch'd is currently exclusive to, will see Kangaskhan begin to spawn.

This isn't permanent, however. While the increased spawn rates, double XP, and double Stardust rewards will last until December 1, Farfetch'd and Kangaskhan will only be available outside their usual regions for 48 hours once they've been unlocked. So if you really want a bird carrying a leek stalk in your pocket and don't plan on taking a trip to Asia anytime soon, you'll definitely want to be on top of the Challenge's updates.

The Global Catch Challenge is actually part of another event called Pokemon Go Travel - a sort of quasi-documentary that follows several of the game's most prominent players and personalities as they head to Japan to travel the country and learn about its culture. Those who care to tune in can follow the adventure on social media, or share their own travel stories.

As for me, I'm just going to get myself a Farfetch'd and consider myself one step closer to a full Gen 1 pokedex.

Sam Prell

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