If games had a Super-Easy Mode...

I don’t know why so many old farts in the enthusiast press play the “In our day games were hard…” card as if it were a badge of honor. Perhaps it’s a defense mechanism used by industry dinosaurs to convince themselves that replaying a single level for two weeks straight wasn’t a complete was of time. Sure, some games were difficult by design, but a lot of those frustrating piles of playable sadism were irritatingly hard due to lack thereof.

Above: Bragging fondly about your time on Battletoads’ jet bike level is like praising a six hour silent film for being boring

Personally, I’ll take all the save points and continues a game’ll give me. And the only way I’ll go back and play a lot of those irritating titles of my youth would be with a “Super Easy” mode, not unlike the ones you’ll see below from the lads at College Humor. Good shit, and I posted some of my favorite images below

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Jul 8, 2010

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