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How to kill gaming's hardest heroes

So we've done it for them. Felons of the virtual realm - here is a guide to help you best these badass heroes.

How to kill... Altair

Move the hay.

How to kill... Kratos

Defy his existence.

How to kill... Bayonetta

Dull her powers with a sneaky haircut.

How to kill... Batman

Clean up your HQ and turn on all the lights.

How to kill... Chris Redfield

Pophim with a thumb tack.

How to kill... Solid Snake

Give your henchmen thermal goggles as well as guns.

How to kill... Axel

Ensure the Streets of Rage are clear ofroast chicken every night.

How to kill... Marcus Fenix

Booby trap his swear jar.

How to kill... Tommy Vercetti

Invite him for a paddle.

How to kill... Duke Nukem

Make an executive decision.

17 Feb, 2010

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