id confident their top-secret game will deliver

We clearly recall the first time we clapped eyes on Doom 3 in motion at E3 2002: its visuals were like nothing we'd seen before, causing jaws to clunk to the floor. id Software is promising to do the same with its mystery game based on a brand new IP that's currently in development.

"I'm confident that John [Carmack] is going to be able to deliver that 'Wow' factor in terms of a huge visual and technological difference," id's Todd Hollenshead said of the developer's top-secret project in an interview with

Above: Will id's new secret shock us more than upside-down Jesus from Doom 3?

Carmack's approach, Hollenshead explained, is allowing id "to do some things visually that we haven't ever been able to do before.

"He is really unfettering the ability of artists to go absolutely nuts. We are not going to be constantly strapping artists down under budgets and memory restrictions. The technology allows artists to fully express the fidelity of their imaginations."

"I believe this game will look better than anything we have previously seen," Hollenshead added.

id Software has said previously it hopes to unveil its top-secret project some time this year. In January, John Carmack revealed the game is "diverting a little bit from the standard id formula and it's not just a first-person shooter" and that the gameplay "is somewhat different from anything that we've done before."

April 12, 2007