Icecube is God

Sept 03 2007

It's been a long time coming, but Codemasters has announced that they've crowned their first world ruler in ArchLord - and presumably the hilarious named 'Icecube' will be singing about it all night long.

'World ruler' however is a bit of a misnomer; God like is more apt. Aside from the cursory benefits of some bodyguards and a pet wyrm to fly you across the world as you see fit, Icecube will be able to talk to all the inhabitants of Chantra simultaneously like some omnipresent being, control the cycle of day and night, the weather - from odd bit of rain to a worldwide ice age - and have the power to summon hellish minions to do his evil bidding. Manic laughter - pretty much guaranteed.

Above: Ice Cube and his victorious guild. They'll be wyrmfood by morning

It will be interesting to see how these apparently limitless God powers come to bear on the rest of the gaming community. We can only imagine it's a bit like being Sauron in LOTR. Cube's avatar certainly has the look going on. And so does he, if he wears the one-off suit of armour he won for becoming the first ArchLord while extolling his mastery.

The first challenge's to Icecube's crown, assuming he hasn't opened up the meteoric whup ass (yes, the ArchLord can summon meteors as well) and smote everything, will be the next Day of the ArchLord in a month's time. Eminem and Dr Dre are expected to be heading the charge.