Ian McKellen on The Prisoner

In an interview with Sci Fi Wire about the upcoming TV mini-series remake of The Prisoner, Ian McKellen, who plays Number Two, reveals that his character built the Village and that viewers’ questions about what’s going on are more likely to be satisfied than with the mystifying original series. "[Number Two] appears to be the king of the village," says McKellen. “But he is Number Two. It's trouble talking about this plot, because if we start going into it, we start giving it away, and half the thrill of watching this is going to be working it out. What does it all mean? When it comes to Rover, yeah, Rover's in there, but what is Rover? Who makes Rover? How does Rover know what's going on? All is explained.

As for whether the series will be less puzzling and open ended than the original, KcKellen says: “I didn't cotton on until we got to about the fifth episode, but in the very first shot there is a clue to the answer. You didn't have that with the first Prisoner. You can solve it, what it is, what the hell we're talking about, where they all are. They are in a place, and where it is and why it is is explained to you. You will either approve of it or you won't approve of it, but it'll make sense."

The series, which co-stars Jim Caviezel as Number Six, is due to air in November. In a related interview he talks about The Hobbit: "I've been promised I am [going to be involved with The Hobbit]," McKellen admits. "And as Guillermo del Toro's directing it, I should be so lucky. And in New Zealand, a place I love, so it's almost an ideal job for me."

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