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"I AM OVERWHELMED" - The best fan reactions to the Doctor Who finale and *that* cameo

Doctor Who had its finale at the weekend and as well as it being a fitting end to one of the best seasons Whovians have seen in a long time, it was full of surprises (if you haven't seen it yet, spoilers to come). It wasn't Peter Capaldi's finale appearance as the Doctor (that will be the Christmas special now), new companion Bill Potts appeared to make her exit, and... oh yeah, right at the very end the very first Doctor made a cameo!

The Doctor was originally played by William Hartnell when the show first aired in 1963, and it wasn't until after he became unable to continue that the regeneration storyline came into play. In the season 10 finale, David Bradley (who you might know as Filch from the Harry Potter franchise) played the original Doctor, but there's no question who he's suppose to be. Bradley actually played William Hartnell in the BBC drama An Adventure in Space and Time which told the story of how Doctor Who was made, and he bears a striking resemblance to the actor.

Now it seems he's returned to play the original Doctor once again and fans are quite rightly freaking out. What does this mean for the Doctor now he's come full circle? We'll have to wait for the Christmas special to find out, but below are some of the best reactions to the shocking finale...

There's a lot of love for Bill

Not to mention The Master and Missy...

But Peter Capaldi's Doctor is still a fan favourite

And as if that wasn't enough, the original Doctor showed up...

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