I Am Number Four trailer debuts

I Am Number Four

Alex Pettyfer’s new sci-flick I Am Number Four has revealed its first teaser trailer online.

If any budding filmmakers out there want a masterclass in how to forge a flashy, stylish teaser that gives absolutely nothing away, be sure to watch and study this.

Disturbia director D.J. Caruso’s flick follows Number Four (Pettyfer), an alien who crashlands on Earth and disguises himself as a teenager. Before you can sneeze “FffSupermanarr!”, he’s fighting for his life as the beings who destroyed his homeworld are still after him on our planet.

Check out the trailer below;

Snappy editing, a foreboding narration, some snazzy sound effects… This sneak peek has us all a tingle over Caruso’s sci-fi yarn. And not just because it has that chick from Glee in it looking all kinds of mean.

Though comparisons to other tween-aimed flicks are inevitable, I Am Number Four looks less fusty than Harry Potter and ten times cooler than Percy Jackson. Has the world just found its Potter replacement?

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