I Am Alive: Ubisoft developers speak out on the long-dormant title

I Am Alive's been under wraps for a long time, so actually hearing things about the title is still a bit of a new and exciting novelty. Having gotten a look at trailers detailing the game's rules and threats, Ubisoft's now giving the game's developers a turn at the mic. The first dev diary covers the game's unique positioning in the crowded survival genre, offering a look at some of the elements that have kept us interested since Ubi first announced the title.

Ubi's attention to detail stands out even in these preview glimpses, with the title's rubble-rich aesthetic looking fit to stand alongside the likes of Rage or Fallout: New Vegas. Of course, it's by no means the only title to offer an Arcade twist on the survival-thriller genre – but will the game's long time under wraps equip it for a healthier lifespan than the likes of the similarly-positioned Amy or Hydrophobia? Chances look good; keep an eye out for our review closer to the game's launch next month.