I Am Alive PS3 release date set for next month

Ubisoft's announced it'll be bringing I Am Alive, this month's determinedly unorthodox survive-'em-up, to PSN come April 3 in the US. EU players get the game one day later, but we hear the coffee's better there, so now we're even. Priced at $14.99, the game's a post-apocalyptic urban thriller that rewards survival skills over combat prowess a la Irem's Disaster Report.

You can peep our I Am Alive review for a look at what to look forward to – and what to look out for – in the survival-thriller come April 3. Not content to go out on a limb with a vision of the post-apocalyptic future that doesn't include tank-sized mutants or handheld thermonuclear weapons, Ubi's hoping that Armageddon won't wipe out iPads, because it's released a free iOS companion to the game, which you can download ahead of the PSN release next month.