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Hulkling in a warm embrace... but with whom? Empyre's aftermath teased by Marvel

(Image credit: Jim Cheung (Marvel Comics))

Following the fourth issue of Marvel's upcoming limited series Empyre, co-writer Al Ewing will write a one-shot titled Empyre: Aftermath – Avengers #1 that will divulge a host of secrets – some of which so secret most of its cover is actually censored.

(Image credit: Jim Cheung (Marvel Comics))

"Following the cataclysmic events of Empyre #4, all will be revealed," reads the marketing copy attached to the image of Hulking, emperor of the combined Kree/Skrull empire that is invading Earth as part of Empyre, embracing … someone … in silhouette.

Of course, the most logical choice would be Hulkling's longtime paramour Wiccan – and the fact that original Young Avengers artist Jim Cheung drew the image may lend some credence to this idea.

Though there's little to go on, the solicitation for Empyre #4 may offer some clues as to what's up – and signs there also point to Wiccan joining the cause of Hulking and the Kree/Skrull empire.

"Tensions mount as the action heats up!," reads the original solicitation for Empyre #4. "As the attack on Wakanda intensifies, the heroes find themselves under attack from their enemies — and their allies! In a war where nobody can be fully trusted, betrayal cuts deep — as the alien invasion claims its first casualty!" reads the solicitation. "In this issue: The shock ending you never expected! You'll want to frame it for your wall, True Believer!"

Though releasing teasers with limited information in this way is somewhat unique to Marvel as a marketing strategy among major publishers, the publisher often likes to generate speculation and conversation among fans and the press with the idea that readers will try to suss out what future storyline or event is being teased.

If Marvel's somewhat standard practice plays out as usual, look for more related teaser images in the upcoming days and likely an official reveal of the project before the release of their next round of solicitations – which would presumably be for September 2020.

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