How turning bad could make Spider-Man good again

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows isn't like the movie-licensed Spider-Man games of recent times. But in the case of Spider-Man 3, that's probably a good thing. With the comic book license, as well as cameos from several other Marvel icons, Spidey's literally got the license to behave very badly. He's got his black suit, he's got some bad-ass friends... and he's definitely got our attention with these ten reasons to expect a revitalised spider.

1: 'Interaction' with the super-sexy Black Cat
Finished looking at the picture? OK, we'll wait...
Black Cat and Spider-Man have history but it turns out she's still very interested in him, as one rather suggestive cut-scene explains.

So what will you do? Up until the mission you encounter her (and her more-than-adequate charms), Spidey's been seeing a lot of Mary Jane. But at this point, you can choose whether to spend more time with Black Cat instead or just keep on after safe, predictable MJ. Which Peter Parker do you want to be?

2: Suit switching
A quick press of the left analogue stick will instantly switch between Spidey's red and black suits. He doesn't even need a phone booth, so that's one over Superman already. The black suit allows you to pick up vehicles and throw them. They explode like bombs on impact and the driver will be thrown through the air and land in a heap. But they get up and walk away (of course).
The black suit allows many more 'bad' things to happen. For instance, if you pick up a civilian and carry them through the city by web-swinging, if you're in black, you can let go of them. You'll get extra evil points for doing so, but can your conscience cope with the guilt? (Clue: Yes)

Above: "That'll teach you to drop your freaking balloons"

3: Fight alongside heroes and villains
Along the way, Spidey will encounter various iconic characters from Marvel lore and, after completing their respective missions, he'll get the ability to call them to his aid at any time. We saw Black Cat join the fight against an enemy mech and she blended into the action seamlessly. While the lack of any team-up moves was a disappointment, being able to choose who your allies are is exactly the sort of thing we want from our superhero games.

Above: Look, it's Wolverine. Wolverine! In a Spidey game. Get in

4: Run around onskyscrapers
When you swing against the side of a skyscraper, you can now latch onto it and suddenly you'll be running around freely on its surface. While it looks more Spider-Man-y to crawl around like this, you can stand up and sprint too, defying the laws of gravity and fighting enemies at 90 degrees to the ground. Corners are no problem either, you just run around and the camera stays directly behind you.

Above: Don't look down? Which way IS down?

5: Fire your web like a gun
You can fire web shots at enemies in quick succession, binding them and causing some damage, leaving them open to a devastating throw or melee combo. All the combos and moves can be upgraded with XP in an RPG-lite ability tree. And if you buy a move you don't like, you can sell it back again. The result is a crowd-pleasing array of spectacular throws, roundhouses and smashes. There's also a new lock-on system that's activated by the left trigger and the right stick then cycles through enemies, allowing for sprays of rapid fire from Spidey's wrists.

Above: Why not switch to the black suit and throw the car?

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