How to water the plant in Vampyr and earn the Life Is Unstrange Trophy

If you’re a few hours into Vampyr you’ve probably noticed that the flower's dying and it needs water. But where is the water and how can you actually water Vampyr's dying plant?! Don't worry, it's actually easy and getting it done will earn you the ultra rare Life is Unstrange Trophy. Here’s how to do it. 

Head to Whitechapel 

You’ll unlock Whitechapel as part of the story and it’s best not to go there until you’re at least level 18 or so as it’s filled with level 20 enemies. Head right as you go under the bridge into the Temple District. You need to find a shop which is hidden down an alleyway up some stairs, in an area behind some smashable barrels. 

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Find the pure water in the shop

Once inside the area in Whitechapel, follow the left wall around until you see a boarded up shop with a clock over it. Head inside and turn immediately right and look for a cabinet where you’ll find the pure water. 

Water the plant, then rest three times

Finally, once you have the water, you can head back to the hospital. When you get back you can interact with the plant and water it. Nothing will happen straight away, because you need to sleep for three nights in a row. 

Interact with the plant and collect the Life is Unstrange Trophy

When you wake up for the third time you’ll find the plant has bloomed back to life. Interact with it a final time to unlock the Life is Unstrange Trophy and Easter egg. 

Done. You can rest now and never hear 'the flower's dying, it needs water' again.

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