Here's how to watch Pokemon Direct today

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

A Pokemon Direct livestream is taking place today, will last for around 20 minutes, and give us some "new Pokemon information."

Head here to watch today's Pokemon Direct January 9, which starts at 06:30 PT / 14:30 GMT / 9:30 ET 

While the promise of new Pokemon information is pretty vague, it's certainly enough to get us excited. We can't say for certain what will be shown, but there are plenty of potential Pokemon-related ground it could cover. The first possibility is getting more info on the upcoming Pokemon Home app that was  revealed during the Pokemon conference in Tokyo last year. 

Pokemon Home is a cloud service that lets players bring all their Pokemon together and connects with Pokemon Bank, Pokemon Let's Go, Pokemon Go, and Pokemon Sword and Shield. Given that the app was given the expected release date of early 2020, this direct could very well give us more information about it or even offer a solid release date. 

Alongside Home, Pokemon Sleep could also be covered since it was also announced during the conference last year with a potential 2020 release date. Sleep is said to involve sleep-related gameplay that will be tracked when you're getting your 40 winks. We don't know a great deal about how it works, so we're keen to see if any new info is shared about the app on the app. 

During the very same conference, it was revealed that a new Detective Pikachu game would be coming to Switch in future. Not many details were shared about the new experience with our favourite yellow mouse's sleuthing antics, so maybe we'll get our first proper glimpse of the game during the livestream. 

We could also be getting some news about Pokemon Sword and Shield in the shape of the new Gigantamax forms or Wild Area events heading our way. The current Gigantamax forms will stop appearing the day of the Direct, so even if it's not the main event, Nintendo could very well give us an update about the new Gigantamax Pokemon we can try to face and catch. 

In other news, Pokemon Go kicks off 2020 with a new hatchaton event featuring Pokemon in party hats.

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