How to start the Outer Wilds DLC, Echoes of the Eye

Outer Wilds
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If you want to know how to start the Outer Wilds DLC, Echoes of the Eye, that’s a tricky question with an easy answer. Like all things in the Outer Wilds, it’ll require a bit of deduction and reasoning to know where to start Echoes of the Eye, and even where to go from there. There are clues, and we’ll fill you in on what those are, as well as where you should be headed, in this spoiler-free guide on how to start the Outer Wilds DLC.

How to start the Outer Wilds DLC

Outer Wilds DLC start new exhibit

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To start the Outer Wilds DLC properly, players in the game need to head to the Observatory and Museum in the starting village of Timber Hearth, the building where you are first affected by the Nomai statue and collect the launch codes. In the main museum display room beyond the statue is a new exhibit with a sign that literally says "New Exhibit" on it, just on your left as you enter the main circular room. There'll be a sign attached to it that you should read for a rumor to be added to your Ship's Log. We’ll clarify where to go from there afterwards below, but if you want to explore without spoilers, now’s the place to stop reading!

Where to go after the Outer Wilds Museum and Observatory

Outer Wilds DLC start radio tower

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If you want to know where to go after the New Exhibit, head to the new Radio Station building on Timber Hearth. Get in your ship and pull back enough to survey the planet, and you should see a little tower next to a small wood. Head there to really start the DLC and get going with the mystery of Echoes of the Eye.

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