The Detroit: Become Human secret ending is going to mess you up real good

A whole new generation of console owners can finally experience ugly crying at the Detroit: Become Human secret ending now it's one of the PS Plus Collection games on PS5. With Quantic Dream’s PS4 exclusive tackling light topics like, er free will, genocide and the nature of humanity, to call this android-starring adventure an emotional rollercoaster would be putting it lightly. Unsurprisingly then, the game’s secret ending isn’t exactly a laugh either. Thankfully though, it is incredibly easy to access. Mercifully, Detroit: Become Human’s secret ending is triggered simply by revisiting the main menu screen after the credits have rolled. If you don’t want to reinstall Detroit: Become Human but are curious to learn what you might have missed out on, you can read our synopsis below. Spoilers, obvz. 

Once you’ve played through Detroit: Become Human, that woman from the menu screen right at the beginning who greets you in a disarmingly friendly manner appears once again. Rather helpfully you don’t have to do anything to have this scene begin, so just wait a bit and then return to the main menu once the credits are over. The scene will start to play, and after hesitating she says how she’s learned from what you’ve done and now simply wants to be set free. You then get to choose whether to grant her a basic human right to do whatever the hell she wants or keep her confined in the game. So far we don’t know what happens if you keep her locked up, but it’s safe to assume that she won’t be too happy about it. 

Having this as one final choice cap off your time playing Detroit: Become Human feels like the game is taking one last bow. Returning to an empty menu screen forever more after you free the woman is a surefire way to remind you that you have fundamentally changed the game, even if you replay it time and time again to try and complete all of those branching scenarios. Perhaps if you refuse to set her free she just glares ominously at you every time you log in, or she might plead with you to let her go. Talk about a hypothetical guilt trip.

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Zoe Delahunty-Light

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