Here's how to get the best quality when streaming Xbox One to Windows 10

When Windows 10 launched late last month, it brought with it a plethora of changes and additions, not least of which was the ability to stream Xbox One games to your PC. This meant that if someone needed the TV or you just wanted to take your Xbox One games to another room, you could. While the Xbox app typically automatically handles video quality and compression, an enterprising Reddit user by the name "OomaThurman" has found a way to make streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 look its absolute best.

Now, before I share with you this trick, know that you'll have to mess around with some Windows 10 system files, and turning the setting on will take up a bit more bandwidth than usual (OomaThurman reported a 3 Mbps increase at the Smite login screen alone). Here's what to do:

1) Make sure you connect your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC and stream between the devices at least once.

2) Open the folder with the following directory: C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.XboxApp_######\LocalState. (The "######" above is placeholder for the random digits you'll have on your computer, and unless you've decided to name your login "USERNAME," the folder won't have this exact path. Navigate accordingly.)

3) Open "userconsoledata" in Notepad. Change the "IsInternalPreview" value from "false" to "true" and save.

4) Launch the Xbox App. A "very high" option for video should now be available in the settings menu.

Assuming your computer hasn't blown up and/or you haven't torn a hole into another reality, go have fun storming the castle!

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